Wedding Photography at Immerse Winery

Remember that song by the Scottish band Travis? “Why does it Always Rain On Me?”
Well, thats how I feel when I drive to a wedding at Immerse in the Yarra Valley!

OK, so I’m exaggerating, but 50% of my wedding photography bookings at Immerse have been on the slightly wet side of dry in the last couple of years!

A guest recently explained to me that it was because of the wedding venues location in the Yarra Valley – it seemed to cop some rainfall that other parts of the valley don’t receive because it’s in a lower part of a valley. I’ll do some more research and let you know my findings on it!

yarra valley Wedding Photography immerseThe one perk to a wet wedding is that you often get mean and moody looking skies during the wedding photography session which can add a really dramatic effect to the photos. Take a look at Kristian & Emma’s recent photographs from their wedding at Immerse in Dixons Creek as a perfect example.

Wedding Photography at Immerse, Yarra Valley

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