Why you shouldn’t ask a friend to be your wedding photographer

Wedding photographer Healesville

Wedding photographer Healesville

This is an article I discovered recently which outlines why it is worth booking a professional wedding photographer for your wedding photography, instead of relying on the services of a friend or relative who may be a photography hobbyist.

Read the article and you’ll feel really sorry for the bride – she doesn’t have any wedding photos she wants to look at again. Heartbreaking, when you consider what a special day it is.
Secondly, it’s great advice – have a read before you think about booking a friend as your Yarra Valley wedding photographer – the upfront cost really is worth it for the special memories you’ll keep forever!

Booking a friend to be your wedding photographer?

If you are set on booking a friend as your photographer, then it would be good idea to suggest an engagement shoot to them to check both sides are happy with the arrangement for the main event.

Wedding Photography in the Yarra Valley

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