Keep your flower girl happy!

We typically focus on the bride, the groom, or the bridal party as a whole, but there is one important person in your bridal party you don’t want to overlook: your flower girl! She is the one who looks up to you and wants to make you proud, even if she feels too scared to walk down the aisle and scatter the petals around for you.

To make her feel less nervous on the big day and show her how special she is to the wedding ceremony, follow these five surefire steps we’ve devised on how to keep your flower girl happy. After all, the only tears seen on your wedding day ought to be your own (and those are happy ones, of course!) Begin reading the five steps after the jump!

1. Give her a pretty dress to wear. This one’s easy. If you want her to be happy, she ought to be comfortable.

2. Give her a gift of jewelry such as a pretty wrist corsage. A soft floral accessory she can wear around her wrist will be comfortable + airy enough to wear on the wedding day and beyond!

3. Include her in “big girl” items with just-for-her miniature versions. She’ll feel like a special part of the bridal party with her version of items bridesmaids are using, like a pretty clutch made in a miniature version to fit in tiny hands, but identical to match the bridesmaids.

4. Opt for a flower girl wand instead of a traditional basket and petal routine. Tossing petals down the aisle may seem intimidating to first-time flower girls. As an alternative, you could ask her to carry something easier instead – like a flower girl wand, which we love – so she can carry something that makes her feel like a princess. Plus, she can keep it after the wedding and it will never wilt.

5. Keep her warm! A little chill in the air, particularly autumn or winter weddings, can make anyone uncomfortable. Gift your flower girl a special sweater or custom handmade cardigan to wear to keep her toasty warm after the ceremony so she has fun out on the dance floor.

6. Include her in the wedding photos. You don’t need to take her along for the actual wedding photography, but do make sure she has some ‘special’ photos with the bride and groom – she’ll feel very important!.

And, a few things that also might help is a candy buffet (kids of all ages love it, adults included!) or a bag of her favorite lollies, a toy or some games with which to play; a few twirls out on the dance floor with her favorite bride; and, of course, a ring bearer or another flower girl with whom she can run around with at the reception. It doesn’t take much to make her happy but a few of these above tips will definitely keep her smiling all day long!

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