How to Save Money on Your Yarra Valley Wedding

If you already have a wedding budget and you think it might not be enough to meet all of your wedding needs, we have a few suggestions as to how you can save money on your wedding.

Below are the things you can take for consideration to reduce the cost of your wedding without compromising the experience of your family and guests:

  • Rather Than Wedding Gifts, Ask for Wedding Help

Asking friends and family to offer services or help that alight with their talents in lieu of gifts is a good way to keep your wedding on a budget.

  • Try to Avoid Guest List Bloat

Even if you might be tempted to throw everybody you know on your guest list, it is not always a good idea. With every addition you make, you are adding extra costs while making your wedding less intimate. When it comes to your guest list, you should save as much as you can. You may do this through inviting fewer people to make your event more intimate. Begin through whittling your list down by twenty percent and another twenty percent.

  • Hire a Family-Owned Restaurant or Do Catering On Your Own

You can do the catering for your wedding. This will help you reduce the costs for foods. However, if it is not your forte, you must look around your community for family-owned restaurants and directly ask the owners to cater your wedding. The first place to check is family-owned restaurants as they go an extra mile to make any wedding more special. Also, they are more likely to understand your budget needs.

  • Create Your Own Invitations

It is never impossible to make classy invitations by yourself. Just a classic font and some simple texts, your wedding invitation can be stylish and will not cost you much at all. You can also ask for help from online freelancers that charge for a small amount.

  • Try to Go Minimal with Your Flowers

Rather than spending lots of money on flowers that would die shortly after reception, you should keep it simple but in an elegant way. If you know somebody with rose bush, you may also create your own bouquets before the ceremony through cutting roses yourself and trimming the thorns away. Another great idea is to go with the fake flowers. You can also save money from making arrangements yourself ahead of time.

  • Purchase Dresses on Sale and Off the Rack

If you like to save on your bridesmaid dresses, do not order custom dresses altogether. But rather, head to some stores with dresses that are on sale and find out if you can spot something off the rack. It works best if the colours are selected ahead of time and if the store has lots of sizes. To reduce spats within the wedding party, you may also shop ahead of time and have them try on the dresses you approve of already.

  • Pick Affordable Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are a very important part of marriage ceremony, which serve as the symbol of one’s commitment to his or her partner. However, it does not mean that you should buy the most expensive ones.  You can always go with the affordable options. All you have to do is to shop around first before you settle with the right one.

  • Host a Winter Wedding

Hosting a wedding in the ‘off” season, which in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley is usually May through to October, is a great way of saving some money.  Wedding venues are more likely to be offering discounts on their usual packages and wedding photographers also promote special offers to cover their quiet period over winter.

Lastly, find yourself a wedding photographer with reasonable prices.  Try to find a photographer that lives locally so you don’t have to pay travel fees.  Approach photographers with your budget and see what they say.  Some will give you a flat out NO, but you’ll find one that isn’t busy on that date and would be glad of the work.  Trust on this one – we have taken on very low budget jobs for many reasons – a quiet month, chance to try a new location or venue, a fun sounding couple or the promise of a good feed at the wedding (that’s always a good one to offer!).

Whatever and you end up doing to save money on your wedding, just make sure that you enjoy the day.  It really doesn’t matter how much you spend on a wedding just as long as the two most important people are there along with their nearest and dearest!

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