Essential Wedding Planning Tips You Should Know

When you are planning your wedding, there are some things that are good to know and there are also things that you should know. If you want to make your wedding perfect, below are some of the essential tips when planning a wedding:

  • Know Your Wedding Budget

Wedding budget revolves around balance. Start planning your budget through creating a checklist of important details such as flowers, photographer, invitations, wedding gown, music, and so on. Invest your money on the most crucial things. For instance, if fabulous food and designer gown are what matters to you, it’s best to pick small floral arrangements and simple invitations. Selecting affordable wedding photographers can have a dramatic effect on your wedding budget without compromising on the quality of the photos.

  • Be Realistic with the Time You Have

In terms of the last month of your wedding planning, you should look at the to-do list and cut some things. Get rid of the over-the-top tasks like baking cookies or hand painting signs. You must spend your time on the most important things only.

  • Remember to Prioritize Your Guests

Your guests come first. You must know the maximum number of the guests you will invite before you settle on your preferred venue. It will make sure that there is an ample space for your crew. The golden rule is to allow for 25 or 30 sq ft for every guest. This might seem like a lot. However, it isn’t really once you count the space you will need for tables, band, dance floor, and bustling waiters.  Stones of the Yarra Valley has LOADS of space to enjoy – quadruple the size of your guest list and you’d still have plenty of space to enjoy yourselves.

  • Pay Attention to Mother Nature

Heed weather and some potential annoyances. Guests were known to skip out early from summer tent weddings and receptions that are improperly heated during winter. Bugs also swarm in particular areas during some seasons. Rent pest control tanks to alleviate problems or including bug repellents in the gift bags of guests. You should also have a plan B for any unexpected weather snafus.

  • Create a Meal Plan

If there’s another unforeseen expense you should be aware of, it is feeding your wedding day team. Before signing the contracts, see to it that you are not required to serve the same meals to your vendors that guests would get. Or else, you might be paying for twenty additional lobster tails. Select a less costly meal for them instead. You’ll need to let your wedding caterer know before the wedding about the number of vendors you have to feed and what you like to serve them.

  • Never be Afraid to Ask

Wedding vendors must be your most trusted and go to experts during the process of planning. When you are working with them, you must feel free to explore what you want. You must feel like you can have honest conversations with them about what you want. Their job is to tell you what you cannot and can make work provided your wedding budget.

  • Take One Step at a Time

Put everything in a logical order, so you do not take on too much quickly and end up with snowballing everything around you. Never hire vendors before you have confirmed your date. Do not design your cake before you have envisioned the flowers you want. You should also book a band before you have settled on a venue.

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